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Leaders are the single most important ingredients in building an engaged, high-performance workforce. But it takes more than a promotion to become a leader. Leadership requires competency and an understanding of the drivers behind human performance. All too often the people in leadership positions are ill prepared for the critical role they are required to play. This results in leadership failure, low employee loyalty and ultimately, poor business performance.

It doesn't have to be that way. We've worked with over ten thousand people to develop highly skilled and motivated leaders-leaders who can drive results and keep everyone moving in the right direction. We offer programs that can be configured to meet your specific needs and we can customize a solution. We emphasize action planning and follow-up to ensure that new skills can be applied immediately on the job. Our approach reduces your overall cost and enables you to reach broader populations without compromising quality. We have provided consulting services and delivered training in Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and Scotland as well as throughout the United States and are well positioned to serve clients throughout the world.

Leadership Development and Teambuilding
We ensure that your leaders are developing the specific skills necessary for success in your industry and in your company.

Executive Coaching and Presentation Coaching
We are specialists and excel in one-on-one coaching for leaders. Executive coaching, once seen as a remedial intervention, is now recognized as a valuable tool in talent development and retention.

Organizational Consulting
We consult with our clients to design customized solutions for organizational development and enhanced leadership performance.
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